Fit Mommy Diet Plan- 5

One day meal plan 1800- Calories diet plan


1 small bowl of Fruit Muesli topped with skimmed milk contains 370 calories. A small glass of fruit juice would be 60 calories more.

Alternatively, you can also go for a 2 egg omelette filled with ham/mushrooms (260 calories), 1 slice of wholegrain toast with butter (110 calories) and 1 small glass of fruit juice (60 calories).


1 bowl of mixed fruit (100 calories) can be a perfect mid-morning snack option to keep you away from munching junks – nutritious too!


For lunch, Italian chicken wraps with grilled chicken strips and fat-free salad dressing are a great idea, containing only 300 calories. For your share of veggies, include a spinach salad for 100 calories. Include ½ cup of fruit yoghurt as your dessert dish for 100 calories more.

2 bagels layered with low-cal cheese and filled with ham & tomatoes would also contain 400 calories. Finish that with fruit yoghurt, ½ cup (100 calories).


For dinner you can afford to have 600 calories worth food. Take a look at these suggestions-

  • Lean steak (100 gm) with cheese peppercorn sauce + a salad made of mushroom, lettuce, tomato (75 gms each) + 1 small jacket potato
  • Grilled salmon (75-100 gm) served alongwith new potatoes, broccoli, carrots and green beans (75 gms each) + 1 whole meal roll (small)

You can swap the jacket potato or the whole meal roll for a 100 cal desert in your dinner.


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