Fit Mommy Diet Plan -4

One day meal plan 1500- calories diet


Mix 1 measure of protein powder to oatmeal (½ cup) cooked in water. This measure of oatmeal would constitute 150 calories but since the calorie content of the protein powder is likely to vary from brand to brand, aim towards keeping it at 80 calories in the scoop you measure out. In total, your breakfast would contain 230 calories.


400 calories maximum is your ceiling for lunch, at home or outside.

A chicken ham sandwich with tomato, olive, pear and low-fat cheese made of thick slices of whole-grain bread layered with 1 tsp. of mustard would make for a filling lunch that scores under 400 calories.


Lean-cut beef/ turkey breast/ broiled chicken breast (6 oz.) having calorific value of around 240 calories can be paired with 1 cup of long grain brown rice having 218 calories. A serving of broccoli (42 calories) can be included to round off the meal at 500 calories.


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