Fit Mommy Diet Plan -3

One day meal plan  1400 – Calories diet


1 cup of oatmeal (cooked) with 6 almonds and ½ cup peaches mixed with 8 oz. of non-fat milk + 1 scrambled egg will give you 430 calories.

Alternatively, you can opt for 1 slice of whole-meal bread with margarine (100 calories), 2 lean sausages (250 cal), and a cup of cappuccino (75-80 calories). That would be 430 calories also.


You can keep 400 calorie worth lunch in your food platter.

A grilled chicken sandwich would make a filling lunch for 250 calories roughly. Add a 7 grain salad (100 gram) alongwith for 150 calories and you have a very wholesome lunch to give your body the best nutrient benefits.

A bowl of chicken Chinese noodles is also a good option for lunch with only 350 calories. Add a small fruit worth 50-60 calories to satisfy your sweet cravings.


1 portion of grilled fish with sweet potato fries and lettuce amounts to 400 calories. Skinless chicken fillets or turkey fillets can also be substituted for chicken but just make sure that you spare 10 minutes more to baking when doing this.

Alternatively, you can go for Spicy Chicken salad with spinach and broccoli (300 calories) and 1 small oatmeal roll (100 calories).

For 170 calories that are left, you can choose healthy snack options like a piece of apple/orange, low-fat cheese slices, a handful of mixed nuts, low calorie drinks and once in a while, a small piece of chocolate cake/ a cube of chocolate or a glass of red wine.


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