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Vitamins and minerals found in pumpkin are suitable for the development of babies. For example, calcium and magnesium help in building stronger bones, phosphorus aids in brain functioning, digestion, hormone balance, etc.

Pumpkin is a storehouse of vitamin A, which is particularly useful for good vision. Feeding pumpkin to your baby will also improve night vision. Pumpkins contain carotenoids, which gives them bright orange color.

Pumpkins are an excellent source of fiber, which supports digestion. It can help regulate your baby’s bowel movements and keep constipation at bay.

Pumpkins contain carotenoids that help eliminate free radicals, fight oxidative stress and prevent macular degeneration and aging. The properties that aid in preventing cancer can also keep the skin healthy.

Pumpkins contain tryptophan that helps the body produce serotonin. The amino acid helps induce calmness and drowsiness. The serotonin content in pumpkin will help your baby relax and sleep better.

Pumpkins contain vitamin C as well as several important biochemicals that can help protect your baby against cold and flu. They also possess antimicrobial properties. A cup of cooked pumpkin can keep infections and illnesses at bay, as it can boost your baby’s immunity.

Puree Procedure

For 1 time meal

1/2 cup peeled chopped pumpkin

1/2 cup water

For Freezing ( 1 week only)

2 cups peeled chopped pumpkin

1.5 cups water

In a Sauce pan boil the pumpkin in water until  soft and water reduces to almost 1/4, now mashed the  with water with the electric hand blender until you got the soft paste puree.

Note: start introducing semi solid to solid food when your baby is 6 months old. start introducing from

1- 2 tps in first week

2-2.5 tps in second week

1 tablespoon in third week

2 tablespoon in fourth week

also according to the appetite of your baby



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